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We aim to address health disparities, improve access to care and to bring healthcare equity

No One Left Alone aims to address health disparities and improve access to care by carrying out research, education and recommend steps to bring healthcare equity

The No One Left Alone Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a North Carolina not for profit 501C3 corporation. We raise funds for our activities through appeals to institutions, foundations, and individuals in the private sector – including pharmaceutical manufacturers, diagnostic laboratories, other corporations, and institutions involved in manufacturing and distribution of healthcare products. We are here to address cancer health disparities and promote population health amongst our aims.

NOLA programs promoted and supported by the Foundation are wide-ranging and include the Resource Center, research and analysis, educational activities, and special reports and publications disseminated to the professional and interested public.

The mission of our Foundation is to promote charitable and educational objectives, to assist in providing continuing education, and to engage in research, investigations, analysis and studies in healthcare development. We use these results to educate health care administrators, the public, and any individuals interested in health care development. We will also provide grants to individuals or organizations, including nonprofit health care institutions, for education, research, and other charitable, educational, and scientific programs in order to increase awareness of the need to support our nation's healthcare institutions with voluntary financial support. We will also instruct and train individuals for improvement and development of their capabilities in the instruction of the public on subjects useful and beneficial to the community through publications and public seminars and through the preparation and presentation of seminars and courses of study in connection with colleges and universities. Within the context of the mission of the Foundation, it will support, facilitate, and enhance the mission and purposes of NOLA.