What we do

Celebration of Life

Our patients’ struggles are always critical to our mission. The event hosted by our partner, CBCCA, allows us to celebrate their strengths, and reminds us of the people who we serve at NOLA.

Promulgate awareness

and promote education surrounding the steps to reduce barriers and increase access to equitable cancer care

Support local and national initiatives

that improve healthcare equity, and encourage efforts to track, measure, monitor and research steps that improve access to cancer care

Encourage the development and implementation

of steps that reduce cancer health disparities and bring initiatives that benefit the public health of the citizens of the United States of America

Sponsor, host and/or participate in events

and activities that promote better cancer care from prevention to survivorship

Promote education, research

and other charitable and scientific programs to increase awareness and financial support

Instruct or train individuals

on improvement and development of their capabilities in the instruction of the public on subjects useful and beneficial to the community through publications and public seminars and through the preparation and presentation of seminars and courses of study

Raise funding

from multiple stakeholders to support the mission of research, data analytics and implementation of steps to address healthcare disparities particularly in cancer